Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open year-round? Yes. We offer youth-focused programming throughout the year, including during the winter months.  Most programs are on a drop-in basis (no registration), just show up.  All programs are free.  Click here for our current schedule.

How much does it cost? CBC participation is free.  We do not require any membership/participation fees. It cost five dollars (plus one dollar per new part) to fix-up a donated bike to take home. If you do not have the money, you can earn your bike by doing shop chores.

Are you a bike shop? No. CBC is a youth development program that uses bikes to connect with kids.  We provided opportunities for kids to develop life skills including patience, problem-solving, goal persistence, and more through repairing bikes and group bike rides.

Are you a teen center and/or a childcare facility? No. CBC is not a childcare facility or a “hang out” place for kids. We intentionally focus on youth development and asset building through bikes. Kids not engaged in program activities will be asked to come back another day.

Where are you located? We are located at 45 Granite Street in Biddeford in the yellow and gray building.

How are you funded? CBC is a nonprofit organization that relies on individual and business contributions, grants, and governmental contracts in addition to our special fundraising events. In an effort to reduce barriers of participation, we do not require any membership fees. All programming is free for kids.

How can I join the CBC Trek Across Maine team? Please visit our Trek Across Maine webpage on the American Lung Association of the Northeast’s website. In 2015, our team shifted from being a youth program to simply a CBC sponsored team.

For Volunteers

What sort of activities could I do as a volunteer? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities to match your interests, skills, and schedules. Whether you’re looking to develop valuable job skills, connect with kids, engage in community-building, or to simply “give back” through community volunteering– we have an opportunity for you. FMI, visit the Volunteer page on our website or email Andrew at programs@communitybike.net.

Do I have to work with kids? No. Our volunteering opportunities extend beyond direct-service with kids.  Volunteers are needed to help with “back office” duties, AppleCycle benefit ride tasks, and various committee and board member responsibilities.

I don’t know anything about bike repair. Can I still volunteer? Absolutely. Knowledge of bike repair is not necessary for volunteering at CBC.

Do I have to commit to specific days/times as a volunteer? No. Although it is helpful to have a general idea of when to expect you, we accept volunteers on a drop-in basis.

How do I become a volunteer? CBC requires that all volunteers fill out a volunteer application form. Because we work with kids, all volunteers require three non-friend or family member references and are subject to a background check.

I am a UNE student looking to complete my Citizenship requirements. Can I complete them at CBC? Yes! Please visit the volunteer page on our website for more information or contact Andrew.

I am under 18 and need to complete my mandated community service hours. Can I complete them at the CBC? Yes, please contact Andrew at 282-9700 or programs@communitybike.net for more information.

For Parents and Guardians

How old does my son/daughter have to be to join the CBC? While we don’t have any age requirements for joining CBC, the majority of our participants are between the ages of 10-14 years old. We welcome kids of all ages.  Children eight and younger must be accompanied by an adult or older responsible sibling.

How much does it cost for my son/daughter to join the CBC? CBC programming is free for kids.

Who will be supervising my kids? CBC has three full-time staff members: Executive Director, Andy Greif; Program and Volunteer Director, Andrew Burnell, and Development and Communications Director, Carol Meader. Click here for staff profiles. CBC also relies heavily on community volunteers. All volunteers are subject to reference and background checks.

How can I stay updated about CBC activities? Stay updated by visiting our Facebook page, Twitter account, and our website. You can also subscribe to our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

What does it mean to be a “drop-in” program? Good question. Most of our programming is considered “drop-in,” which means we don’t monitor when your child arrives or leaves. During our open shop hours (2-5 pm), kids are free to come and go as they please. All kids have CBC phone access – and parents are welcome to call at anytime to check-in with their child. We have found that this sort of flexibility works best with the kids/families we serve.

How can I get involved? Parents and guardians are welcomed (and encouraged) to work alongside their kids in the shop. Please contact Andrew or visit our Volunteer page for additional volunteering opportunities.

Help us through donating cash and/or providing some of our in-kind needs like snacks.  The CBC is a non-profit organization, which means that we rely on grants, donations, and volunteer support to run our youth programming. There are many valuable ways for parents to be involved at the CBC such as volunteering your own time in the shop or telling a friend about what we do and encouraging them to stop by. We always welcome parents to spend an hour or even the whole afternoon in the shop with their child. Please ask us about ways for you to be involved and ways you can help us fundraise! Please click here to make an online donation.

For Kids

When are you open? Our open-shop hours are Monday-Friday, 2-5 p.m. except Wednesdays in July and August.  We have three group bicycle rides each week during the summertime.  Click here for our current schedule.

How can I join? Stop by and pick up a permission form for your parents/guardians to sign. You can also download and print a permission form. The permission form is the only thing you need to join CBC.

I need a bike! What kind of bikes do you have and how much do they cost? We have lots of bikes for you to choose from if you’re looking to repair a bike for yourself or for a friend. All bikes are five dollars. Parts and cables cost one dollar a piece. If you don’t have the money, we can make a plan with you to earn your bike by doing extra shop chores.

Can I make a few bucks by reselling bikes that I repaired at CBC? No, that would be unethical (wrong).

Do I buy new bikes at CBC or build them? You build and refurbish (fix) bikes donated to the CBC.