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Building Bikes – Building Futures

Kids Bike Factory Mission – Empower and Challenge our Youth

bike factory logoKids Bike Factory – This program will engage older youth and volunteers with the challenge of building a company, managed by kids, to refurbish and sell used bikes. The program exposes older youth to real world business processes and job readiness skills.

By engaging kids with hands-on learning in a real-world context, we will prepare them for the next steps on their paths to a career.  As a part of the Kids Bike Factory, our goal is for a student to continue his or her education as:

  1. a clear and effective communicator
  2. a self-directed and lifelong learner
  3. a creative and practical problem solver
  4. a responsible and involved citizen
  5. an integrative and informed thinker.

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Call 207-282-9700 or email us at kidsbikefactory@gmail.com

In the News

Susan Kimball of the Portland Press Herald came by to learn about the Kids Bike Factory, and she produced this video.


Learning the Business of Building Bikes

Angelo Verzoni of the Journal Tribune visited the Kids Bike Factory in April 2015 and wrote Training Wheels



Deirdre Fleming of the Portland Press Herald also visited in April 2015 and wrote Wheels Are Turning

Wheels are Turning MST Article_Page_1

Our Mechanics

Fabian Cruz
I am a 13 year old sixth grader at Biddeford Middle School.  I was 12 when I first came to the CBC.  My first memory of the CBC was when I got an opportunity  to work on a mountain bike for another person.  I learned how the brakes and rear hub works.  I have a blast learning how things work on a bike.  I heard about the CBC in math class when Andrew Burnell came into my class. He gave me the information about the CBC, and I came later that day.  When I first entered the CBC, I met Andy Greif.  Both Andrew and Andy were very nice to me.  I was introduced to the Kids Bike Factory in October.  Andrew approached me and informed me that there was a job readiness program called the Kids Bike Factory and was wondering if I would be interested.  So far I’ve been learning how to fix bikes and sell them for a profit.  I think this program will be a great learning experience for me.  I would love to be able to run my own business one day.

Brendan McBrine
I am a sophomore at Biddeford High School.  I was first introduced to the Community Bicycle Center (CBC) by a friend who happened to work there, and eventually I started to visit semi-regularly.  I was offered a job and after putting off getting any sort of job for quite some time, I figured it would be more rewarding to work at the CBC than anywhere else I was looking.  I am relatively new to the CBC and I am also a rather novice when it comes to bike mechanics in general, but I have been learning quite a bit.  I have also begun to learn how small businesses operate which makes me want to start my own business someday, although I am not exactly sure what that would be.  Since I am also a part of the Kid’s Bike Factory (KBF), I have also begun to learn what it is like to truly have a job.  It has taught me what it’s like to prioritize and really work to get a task done.  While the workplace generally has a fun atmosphere, I have learned to balance that with the actual work itself.  I feel like I am learning a lot.  I am very glad to be working here, and I look forward to learning more about the business world and bike mechanics.

Connor Oliver
I am a 17 year old senior at Biddeford High School.  I first came to the Community Bicycle Center (CBC) when I was in sixth grade. When I first entered the shop, I felt welcomed because of how friendly everyone was.  The bike center is based around providing opportunities for youth to grow.  Basically we are all one big family here. Currently I’m an employee at the CBC in a program called Kids Bike Factory.  We are learning the steps to being able to run our own business as we prepare for the bike swap.  I am getting to know a lot about how to run my own business, but still have a lot to learn. I’d love to open my own shop just like the CBC.  I’d love to be able to teach others what I know about bikes, and just help in general.  The CBC has taught me a lot and it is a great place to come and hang out.  The bike factory has changed my life in a couple different ways.  One of the things that I have learned is how to prioritize my time.  I’ve been able to put school things first and effectively use my time.  Another thing I’ve learned from the program is how to be a leader.  Trying to get four other guys to be on task is a bit of a challenge but once we get on task, we get a lot of things done. The bike factory is a great program.  You get to learn and understand how to use your time and the steps you should take to begin your own business.

Matt Perkins
I am a 16 year old junior at Biddeford High School.  I started coming to the Community Bicycle Center (CBC) when I was in the fifth grade.  The CBC is a youth development program that uses bicycles as a tool to provide opportunities for youth to grow.  I became involved in a bike club there and then was brought to the CBC.  I didn’t stop coming.  Five and a half years later I became the first participant to spend 1000 sessions at the shop.  That includes summer rides, fixing bikes for myself and others, volunteering in the shop, and just being present.  Here I am now, one of five in this new program called the Kids Bike Factory (KBF).  The KBF is designed to provide job readiness skills through bikes.  It is a business run (almost) completely by high school students.  We fix the bikes, take pictures, plan marketing strategies, and (hopefully) conclude with a sale.

Nathin Stowe-Davis
I am 13 years old and I go to Biddeford Middle School. The Community Bicycle Center (CBC) is a place where you can go to work on your bike and make friends.  I got involved in the CBC because one of my friends showed me the CBC because my bike was a bit broken.  With some help, my bike is now safe to ride.  The KBF is a job readiness program for teens to see what it is like to be an employee.  I got involved with the KBF because a CBC friend that told me I could apply for this position.  I did because I wanted work experience.  The KBF has taught me how to sell bikes online and get ready for a real life job.  When I get older, I would like to be a Marine or an engineer, and the CBC and KBF will help me get there by teaching me about how to be an employee.