bike monkeys 2015

STEM Bike Monkeys

*Bike Monkey definition: Any young person who likes wrenching on bikes, and working in grease! Derived from the term “wrench monkey,” based on the invention of the adjustable wrench (aka “monkey wrench”), which is playfully named after its inventor, Charles Moncky.  

STEM Bike Monkeys joins kids (10-17 years old) with adults to learn how to rebuild discarded bicycles during structured lessons. All participants work on the same bike system at the same time, alongside their assigned adult mentor. Participants commit to a two and a half hour session each week for two months. During their commitment to the program, each young person learns bicycle repair skills, shop maintenance and safety habits, and community service concepts, alongside caring adults and teens. In 2017, this program intentionally transitioned into a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program through the support of volunteers with relevant professional backgrounds helping youth apply STEM curriculum to bicycle systems.

This program blends the foundation of mentoring with hands-on learning in the science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields.. Youth involved explore STEM concepts while developing their social and learning skills in a space where they have adults committed to their success. This program requires registration.  Please contact Andrew Burnell (282-9700 or for more information or to register.